March For Our Lives

from the desk of the President …

This Saturday, March 24th students from all over the country are marching in Washington, D.C. for the “March for Our Lives” to improve school safety and reform gun laws.  This does not just affect the students in schools but everyone including those at concerts, night clubs, churches, malls, etc.  In reality there is no safe place. Remember Pulse Night Club! Sadly, the American Flag seemly flies at half-staff following each tragic multiple event more than fling full staff, it’s a sad tribute to our society.   This does not include the 96 Americans a day average that are murder victims of domestic violence, robbery and other violent crimes with guns. So what we claim to use as protection can also be used as a murder weapon.  Like all things licensed there are rules and regulations to make it safe. One is licensed and registered to drive a car, a doctor to practice medicine, a lawyer to practice law, and yes, you need one to fish and hunt. Each area is regulated and if you do not follow the rules, you lose the privilege.

These students are taking on a fight that the rest of us has been complacent of, that is calling out the gun lobbyist and the politicians that have accepted “30 pieces of silver” to support gun lobbyist views.  A single life is worth much more than what gun lobbyist paid out 419 million of dollars to many elected officials and campaign advertising last year. After each horrific violent event, the call for preventive action fell on deaf ears of many elected lawmakers.  This time is different, the students organized, even defying some school officials who tried to prevent the right of free speech instead of providing a lesson in civics. No one wants to take away the Second Amendment, but the military weapons of war should be used only for war, and ownership of guns need better licensing procedures and regulations.   

“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”  On Monday, March 19th at the General Meeting of the Reading PRIDE Celebration voted unanimously to support the students and encourage members of the LGBTQ community to also “March for Our Lives” in solidarity and support of the students who also feel disenfranchised.   


Call to Action:  “March for Our Lives” On Saturday, March 24th in City Park, Reading PA at intersection of Rose Garden Road and Constitution Boulevard at 1:30 PM.  Let us join the students, their families and teachers in solidarity and support in our effort to make a difference in decreasing gun violence and increasing safety.  “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

Benedict M. Renkus, President