Our Mission

To celebrate Gender and Sexual Diversity in greater Reading.

To eliminate prejudice and discrimination; to celebrate and foster a sense of pride and unity; to advance education about gender and sexual diversity

Our History

Founded November 23, 2006

The specific charitable and educational purposes of this organization are:

  • To eliminate prejudice and discrimination against the GSD community in Greater Reading;

  • To celebrate and foster a sense of pride and unity within GSD community of greater Reading;

  • To advance education in greater Reading, about gender and sexual diversity, the purpose of Reading Pride Celebration, and what it has to offer the community.

Reading Pride Celebration is a 501(c)3 organization of the Internal Revenue Service Code.  As a Public Charity, contributions are tax deductible under Section 170 of the Code.  We are an all-volunteer organization.  


President - Richard Todd Wagner

A member of Pride since December 2006.

"I work for Fr. Meyer’s Sohn  as the Accounts Receivable Coordinator. I graduated from Reading Senior High School 1984  and  from Berks Technical School with an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal. I've been a part of Reading Pride Celebration for the last 11 years, not only as an office, but as part of the  sub-committee for the Transgender Day of Remembrance. I was the creator of the Miss Reading Pride Celebration pageant and the Gayzette news letter."



Henry Pruski - Treasurer

A member of Pride since 2006.


Ian Rhile - Secretary



President Emeritus - Richard Spangler

A member of Pride since December 2006.

Elected second President of Pride in August 2007, and named President Emeritus in 2016.



Webmaster - Amber Brown

A member of Pride since  2006.

I’m a life-long Berks County resident, I founded The Spectrum (Planned Parenthood Keystone’s LGBTQ+ youth program), I perform with Opus One: Berks Chamber Choir, and I’m the mom of two spunky kids.


All meeting are open but we'd really love to have you as part of our team!

Mailing Address: Reading Pride Celebration, PO Box 15424, Reading, PA 19161