Queen & King of Pride 2015

It's time, once again, to choose a Queen and/or King of Reading Pride Celebration!

This year, we have moved away from a standard run-of-the-mill pageant and put the decision of our next Miss/Mr. Reading Pride Celebration into the hands of our community. We hope you are as excited as we are to see the new contest format!

Please read all of the enclosed information carefully and return all signed forms and an electronic or paper copy of your valid state ID before May 27th, 2015. When submitting your application, please make sure to include your required information for Round 1. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Miss/Mr. Reading Pride Celebration liaison, Kim Kalbach, at mustbekimmie@yahoo.com

All submissions for the contest should be sent to the contest coordinator at rpccontest@gmail.com. In addition to electronic submissions, all required submissions may be done by giving physical copies to any Reading Pride Celebration committee member, sent by mail, or dropped off in person at a Reading Pride Celebration general membership or subcommittee meeting. When providing physical copies, please make sure it is on an unscratched CD that is clearly labeled with your contestant name and which round it is for. If mailing your application, it must be sent early enough to be received by June 26th, 2015. Any mailed applications received after this date will be refused.

To mail you application, please send it to:
Reading Pride Celebration
PO Box 15242
Reading, PA 19612

Reading Pride Celebration reserves the right to refuse any application.

Download the application here!