Make your voice heard!

Important information about Kutztown! A lot of people need your help. Here's why ~ 
Except for about 30 some cities including the City of Reading, towns, counties, and various municipalities in PA it is legal to discriminate against anyone who is LGBTQ. Including Kutztown. LGBTQ people can be discriminated by being denied housing, employment (fired or not hired), and public accommodation and services.

A group of Kutztown Students are trying to end discrimination making Kutztown more LGBTQ friendly. They are tying to get the Town Council to listen to them. They are proposing a non discrimination ordinance based on the Doylestown model. 
They are getting no where. The town council keeps giving them the big brush off with excuses as to why they won't even listen to the proposal. Frustrated, the students at Kutztown reached out to Equality Pennsylvania.

EQ PA reached out to me, along with some others. I am reaching out to you. Here's how you can ensure nondiscrimination in Kutztown.

1. Please, contact the Town Council at Kutztown. Tell them you want to see an Equal Nondiscrimination Ordinance in Kutztown protecting all people from discrimination, including LGBTQ people.

2. Please, send this off to people you know. Get them involved so their voices are heard as well. Perhaps you know religious leaders, or business leaders and shop owners in Kutztown. Perhaps, someone who lives or works in Kutztown. Their voice needs to be heard.

3. Please attend a meeting and make our presence known.
March 10 at 7:30 p.m.
The Public Safety Committee 
Borough Building
45 Railroad St.
Kutztown, PA 19530

Please help end legal discrimination in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania needs people like you.

Thank You,

The Rev. Barbara K. Peronteau (Barb is a member of Reading Pride Celebration)