Pride Picnic at Knoebels

The 22nd Annual Pride Picnic at Knoebels Grove
Saturday August 13 2016
Knoebels Grove, Elysburg PA
Pavilion T-10
Picnic is free (rides are not included)
There is no advance registration
11 am starts check in
Meal is at 3:00 PM
GAY RIDE OF THE DAY: Pioneer Train (7pm)
Bring a covered dish to share. (Note if you bring a cold covered dish please provide proper accommodations to keep dish cold, like a cooler with ice. Also if you bring a hot dish please provide accommodations to keep it hot, we provide electricity for your crock pots)
Show your pride by wearing a RED shirt!
The day of the event we will have great speakers, information tables, door prizes, raffles, and amazing food and fun!

*Pride Picnic at Knoebels Grove is not sponsored by Knoebels Amusement Resort